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About Summerland for Summerland, British Columbia and Area

When you want to know Summerland, British Columbia

Overview of Summerland, British Columbia, Canada

Summerland, British Columbia is a theme town in olde English Tudor style nestled in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Old Summerland is down on the water, but most of the town's business now thrives up on the hill. Summerland is a large fruit growing town, rivaled only by Kelowna as the biggest growing and processing town in the Okanagan.

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History of Summerland, British Columbia

Summerland was incorporated as a municipality in 1906, thanks to the vision of John Moore Robinson, who enticed future orchardists to the area proclaiming “summer weather forever”. The name Summerland was chosen by Robinson's brother, a Methodist minister, inspired by a hymn.

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Summerland's Demographics

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Summerland's Climate

The mean annual temperature of Summerland is approximately 6°C with a summer mean of 15°C and a winter mean of -3.5°C. The winter months are often very temperate though, while summer months often see drought.

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Education in Summerland, British Columbia

There are two public elementary schools , one middle school, and one secondary school in Summerland. There is also a large population of home-schooled students, as well as two private schools.

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Transportation around Summerland, British Columbia

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Tourism and Attractions of Summerland

Winemaking is s popular activity in Summerland, Take a wine tour and visit the local vineyards and wineries. The Kettle Valley Railway offers a unique two-hour journey on one of BC's few remaining fully operational steam railways. In Summerland you will find spectacular beaches and parks, beautiful mountains for biking and hiking, orchards, unique shopping and wonderful restaurants.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Summerland
  • Peachland
  • Naramata
  • Demuth
  • Jellicoe
  • Bankeir
  • Prairie Valley
  • Faulder
  • Garnet Valley

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Geography of Summerland, British Columbia

Summerland is between Peachland to the north and Penticton to the south. The largest center in the region is Kelowna approximately 50 km to the north, and Vancouver is approximately 425 km away.

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Summerland's Government

The municipal government of Summerland consists of a Mayor and six Councillors that represent the city as a whole.

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Summerland's Economy and Industry

The main industries in Summerland are agriculture, manufacturing, construction and wholesale/retail trade.

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Summerland's Culture and Significant Events

The Summerland Rodeo comes to town every July and is a fun filled event with things to do for all members of the family. The Fall Fair, in September, provides entertainment and harvest displays for competitors of all ages and interests.For ten days in early October theOkanagan Wine Festival has over 150 events throughout the valley which are focused on wine and food.

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Sports in Summerland, British Columbia

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Media of Summerland

The Summerland Review and Bulletin is a newspaper serving the residents of Summerland. Oldies AM1450 is a popular local radio station that broadcasts out of Summerland.

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